Thursday, December 19, 2013

What Have You Done For We Lately “Lopozisyon Or No Pozisyon?”

I was baptized, went through holly communion and confirmation did they?
Coming to the end of the year 2013 the people of Seychelles would always like to ask what have we gained or what have we started for our own benefits?

Since there is a trend in Seychelles set forth by the opposition who claims that they can and have done better for them then I say I hold many reservation and have these to ask:

. What happened to that so called tri partied agreement by Boulle, Ramkalawan and Volcere?

.What happened to the battle for good health for all seychelllois?

. What happened to met roupi dan pos Seselwa?

.What happened to the man who lost an unborn baby at the hospital and vowed that he would not rest until he gets justice and ensures that this never happens to anyone ever again at that hospital. Why has he gone silent?

.What happened to the peaceful protest and better suited self proclaimed in the electoral reforms to exact a level playing field for all Seychellois, where is that ramkalawan, volcere and Boulle?

.What has happened to we work for the country and derserve a the life pension self voted and approve with Parti Lepep? Today that same pension grows and why should they deserve it with another raise? What have they done?

. What happened to the so called La Misere “Delo Kaka” Compensation? Khaliffa’s motor vehicles of alleged unpaid taxes and his palaces of one rupee? What have you done for us lately?

.What have been done for human rights victims and our brothers and sisters whom were forced to live Seychelles and hide; those who lost their lives. Are they accounting for it? What have you done?

.What have you done to protect small businesses and the people from projects that yields no benefits to Seychelles?

. What have you done to see the 2.5 billion that left Seychelles in incognito to swiss, virgin islands, caymans and many other foreign account rather than the Seychelles economy? What have you or are you doing?

. What have you done to open seychelllois eyes to reality in Seychelles educational wise and mental wise, other than selling newspapers?

.What have you done for the common man of Seychelles whom are majority which brings about change when in an election? Land are still being own by a few top names and wealthy businessman so what have you done or should do?

I have many more to ask but with a list so long I would end by saying

What will you do if you really knew what you were doing and if you do not know would you be willing to let someone who dose do it for us all?


Anonymous said...

All have been thrown in the dustbin by Boulle,Ram,Volcere becuase their life pension is their priority not the interests of the people.

Anonymous said...

WhilePOPE FRANCIS call on priests to support the poor the people ,WEIHE sleeps with partilepep,instead of critizing the dictatorship and supporting the people to gain their freedom.It ihard time we get a sEYCHELLOIS bISHOP DETERMINE TO SUPPORT TH MASS NOT DICTATOTIOSHIP.


Anonymous said...

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