Thursday, March 27, 2014

Another So Called Human Rights Appointment Without A Lantern everything In The Cold Darkness..

National Human Rights Commission sworn into office

Thu, 27 March 2014
The National Human Rights Commission Chairperson, Ms. Dora Zatte and its two members, Justice Ranjan Perera and Ms. Farzana Jumaye, were sworn into office at State House this morning.
The appointment of the chairperson and its members is in accordance with Section 3(9) of the Protection of Human Rights Act, 2009 for a four year tenure. They took their Oath of Allegiance to the Constitution and their Oath of Office in the presence of the President of the Republic, Mr. James Michel. The Commission was appointment by President Michel in consultation with the Chief Justice and the Speaker of the National Assembly.
The ceremony was attended by the Vice-President, Mr Danny Faure, the Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly, Honourable Andre Pool, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Mr Frederick Egonda-Ntende, the President of the Court of Appeal, Mr Francis MacGregor, the Attorney General, Mr Ronny Govinden and other senior officials in the Office of the President.
The National Human Rights Commission was established by law under the Protection of Human Rights Act in 2009 for better protection and promotion of human rights in Seychelles.

The Commission comprises of three members, among them the chairperson of the Commission is the person appointed as the Ombudsman under article 143 (1) and the two other members should be a person who has been a Judge or is a barrister for more than five years standing or a person having knowledge of, or practical experience in matters relating to human rights.

In a press interview with the national media after the swearing-in ceremony, Ms. Dora Zatte said, "For this forthcoming mandate, we expect to see a more dynamic National Human Rights Commission. I welcome the appointment of the two members, I am sure that we’re going to benefit from the expertise of Justice Perera who has served the judiciary for a long time and from Ms. Jumaye as well, who has worked in the legal field..."

"We hope within the coming years that we will see greater degree of commitment towards the funding of the Commission’s activities. We intend to primarily deal with the allegations of human rights violations.... we have also other roles to play in educating and promoting human rights issues but for the time being our resources do not allow us to give maximum emphasis to all of these sectors, so we have to priorities our resources to where its most crucial and that is in investigation of allegations and breaches,” she said.

Blogger Note: A human rights commissioner as well as the ombudsman is a conflict of interest and an abuse of power vested by a state. The lack of transparency and equality is born out of work load bias-ness and inability to perform.

Number (2) two: Is the right to stand for humanitarian rights which does not discriminate or eliminate rather it encourages and welcomes each and every able men and women despite  his or her educational background or tenure of office.

You can be a good Samaritan anywhere, anyplace, anyhow; no need to have a few millions or royalty and title to do so as this would in fact be morally and social discriminatory which is in directly violation to what human rights stands for.

Number 3: Is the human rights work which is based on study, analysis and evidence. A Human Rights board can only perform in accordance with intelligence and facility without constraint when the writing is not on the wall but when it is why should there be constraints or excuses?

If a Human rights organisation priorities than it is not deemed credible as to each individual which ever religion, race or status the Right To Equal protection under the law is guaranteed even as per section 1 article 27 of the Constitution of seychelles and part of the universal declaration of human rights adopted by the state of seychelles.

Neglect duty or failure to perform is not acceptable when it comes to humanity as the pivotal aspect of a great nation and good society depends on the ability to listen, to concern to act for all individuals equally without ill taught or favors.

Independent investigators can be tasked to provide independent reports on violations and claims for a commission. Testimonies must be made to be challenged based on it actuality and realism.

When there is no rights protected we may have tyranny or anarchy; the law is but a mirage of peace and tranquility.

"So when Seychelles decides to get serious with human rights work and stop paying for massive homes, cars and fuel, expensive meals and trips for appointed individual.

The men and women who can go on the field manage an office without constraint on a budget now that's when we can say we have a human rights commission.
Until then we merely have a window dressing of a commission and all seychellois should petition for its dissemble and restructuring immediately as well as a forensic audit of its work and expenditures.


Anonymous said...

Amazing how Perera is still granted favours. Wrong to call him Justice Perera as he is no longer a judge.He was never a judge in Sri Lanka although he claims to be one. He is a Government stooge. I suppose that is the criteria for appointment!!

Anonymous said...

Can someone please tell me were the office of Human Rights is in Seychelles. I want to pay them a visit with my complaint of my human rights violation in Seychelles. Hopefully, someone will help me find their office. A Seselwa Victim of Seychelles Government

Anonymous said...

la en lot pilon kaple dan fes ankor sa perrera.

Anonymous said...

Sa fanm muslim ki pe kasyet anba dra mortyer ki manyer i pou protez drwa en boug si i per pou montre son figir?

Anonymous said...

No one has forced this Madame Muslim to dress moderately ! Do not violate her human rights, by expecting her to turn up half naked. Let us learn to respect other faith and cultures without imposing our way of life on others. I am sure this Madame Muslim is not asking all of us to be like her. However, I suspect there will be less rapes and sexual harassments if we were to be a little bit more conservative with our dress sense.

Anonymous said...

To the Muslim comment about rape harassment and decency.

My question is; how the hell can this jumaye girl see to other peoples rights when her religion is covered with so many violations in itself.

Forced marriage, underage sex, no women freedom of speech choice and even the right to work as equally as men.

By professing her religion through signs of the vail she has pronounced her belief and those belief violates almost 3/4 of the universal declaration of human rights.

When was the last time we saw an arab human rights commission? Well americans and foreigners had to go there to form one and at the end of the day they get more muslim women as victims rather than assistant workers.

Another question is how impartial will miss jumayes; analysis and decision on violations be if her belief proclaims that we need to conservate in order to co exist rather than to exist and be protected for it.

Coming to that tight budget dora zatte spoke about also raises the question on why the pickings when she knows these people have limitations.

Limitations as to when one would visit miss jumaye would he or she feel at ease talking to a pair of eyes with no facial recognition?

Another is that former judge whom as we all know is a pensioner from his retirement. Will people gain access to this guy from his bodyguards and scruples?

This commission setup is a pharce and the world as well as seychelles should rethink of it.

These two will only be paid to look smart on TV or in an office while the real human rights defending goes on from the outside which everyone else can do but was not picked for it under a seychelles communist regime.

Anonymous said...

Well said we cannot trust what we cannot see!

Anonymous said...

Dora zatte must have really fucked her way through this one.

Last time she was spotted flying off the island with leopold payet for a fuck session on off the island.

We also have rumors that leopold payet is about to give her a property for the child that they have together.

This lady must have some strong juju to get someone like dental floss brigadier under her thumb. Even the kid is not leopold it is for a corgat estate guy.

Anonymous said...

Former judge Perera gets two pensions not one. That is illegal according to law. Why is the President and Perera's boss Govinden turning a blind eye?

Anonymous said...

Opposition in Seychelles is too lame, you guys need to be more clear about your policies like health, education, housing, transport, unemployment and the economy as a whole, what we called "bread and butter issues". Until you can put holes in PL policies, I fear that the people of Seychelles "THE SILENT MAJORITY" will rather stick with the devil they know...... After all security comes before democracy.

Anonymous said...

Dora zatte tells corgat boyfriend that payet is very sick and may die sooner than expected. powder boyfriend tells drug dealer for some extra spliff.

Drug dealer tells zerve anri and henri tells wife who tells everybody.

Dora says she will take all payets money and live everyone else penny less.

Dora was spotted after working hours from her lawyher preparing for payet imminent death.

eeitherway en lot pl pe al boyo no matter what happens.

Anonymous said...

video of zatte getting fuck by corgat man on the streets get your copy right away.

Anonymous said...

two foreign illegal judges recruited to rape jsutice as Human rights appouintment.Seychelles is a soveriegn land,we need Seychellois controling their institutuions partilepep not foreigners who help partilepep rape justice therefore Human rights.We need indepedent persons chosen by indepednt bodies not President.HaveSeychellois told Partilepep to clear their institutuions from foreign control.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

What kind of desease have the brigadier have? Lekere ou bien cancer?

Anonymous said...


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