Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Seychelles John Desaubin Refunded By Seychelles Lawyer A. Derjaques After Plaint To Chief Justice.

Left Wavel Ramkalawan Right Lawyer Anthony Derjaques

MR. Desaubin was paid off 17,500 SCR from Lawyer Anthony Derjaques after non completion of the duty the lawyer was hired for.

Desaubin's complaint to the seychelles Justice Mr Frederick Egonda Ntende complained that his former lawyer Derjaques withdrew himself from his case when he started to question him as to why there was so many mentions rather than proceeding with the trial of (Desaubin versus seychelles Port Authority) he had paid for.

Since it was taking Lawyer Derjaques so many months before in civility coming to terms that when you take money for a work and you do not complete it or discontinue with by own will;where there is no clause that binds the clients money to forfeiture under any circumstance or agreement/ arrangement then the right thing to do is to reimburse for non compliance to meet service and demand.

In this case straight forward and simple the lawyer in question took his fees for a service which he did not complete by choice.Since according to his explanation referenced in the chief justice letter of response the lack of a plaint or action from the proper authorities or forces when a life is threaten is put to scrutiny and doubt. 

Lawyer Derjaques Withdrew His Services as indicated in red above.
Mr. Desaubin who in his turn claims he had witnesses that heard him talking to lawyer Derjauqes outside the court house then in victoria, Mahe , Seychelles says he did not threatened the life of lawyer Derjauqes; but merely asked for an explanation on his case in regards to delays in mentions and the lack of the lawyers office to keep him abreast with the proceedings follow through. According to MR. Desaubin that is when the same lawyer arrogantly to his face exclaimed he is withdrawing himself as his lawyer.

Following this the Plaint to the chief justice came after it took lawyer Derjaques several days, months or years to realize that he should have had refunded the money to his client when he refused to continue with the job so that his former client could afford someone else to continue what he left off.

As there is a code of ethics in place in seychelles now and civil suits cost money which MR. Desaubin did not have the luxury to entertain.This course of action by plaint was deemed appropriate after legal advice from a human rights activist to MR. Desaubin.

It took the same justice system over two week to finally respond in relation to the plaint of MR. Desaubin and the explanation is as follows.

"MR. Desaubin was not even brought in for questioning nor verification of his plaint and add-ons and neither was he provided with any sort off explanatory findings throughout the CJ's office inquiry.

On the letter MR Desaubin said that he had no choice but to at least recover the amount that was nominated by Lawyer Derjaques and concurred by the Chief Justice who found it to be reasonable; rather than nothing despite being appalled by the sheer lack of discipline by the judiciary to take appropriate measures or to reprimand missconduct MR Desaubin was left with a take it or leave it and even ill see you in court choice.

Further plaints in the same situation on the same lawyer showed that there was a cs 271/07 that was simply adjourned without a date (Sine Dei) by both the defense and plaintiffs lawyer in agreement, with the client being clueless of this course of action through lack of communication from his lawyer and his Lawyer's office.


The Chief Justice and his office should have explained as follows

Questions: Why didn't Lawyer Derjaques notify the police of MR Desaubin threatening him if he really felt his life to be in danger and took the step of withdrawal from the case?

Why did he withdraw from Desaubin's case when Desaubin Started to ask Questions?

Why did he close Cs 271/07 without a date and continued with another one? Is that not more court fees and legal representation fees for his client to pay? What will or what happened to CS 271/07?

Why did the chief Justice agreed to Derjaques explanation right away but failed to explain to MR Desaubin of CS 271/07 part of his plaint confirmed by email to Miss Jessica Kerr his Legal Assistant?

Why only 50% of the 35,000 SCR was appropriate when the case was overwhelmed with mentions and with the same lawyer filling another case on same magnitude was placed dormant without advise? What did Derjaques do to earn that 50%?

A Human Rights Case is well on the way again for MR. Desaubin in the meantime i keep following this case closely.

MORE To Come .................................


Anonymous said...

Now a days in Seychelles if you have money better take a lawer international for your case.

Anonymous said...

Lawer in Seychelles just take money for Seychellios,but they never defend their cases.For me to take a Seychelles lawer better I defend myself by my own in court.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

derjaques i sppf zanmen misel pou les bez li.

Fodre nou tou nou pa al rod son servis akoz i en pli gran voler zot de bernard zorz.

Anonymous said...

tata pa i zanmi avek son frer ki pe arive maryaz pe kase?

Anonymous said...

Ya Derjaques i sppf and also good friend with RAm a opposition.Now figure for self want is going in Seychelles politic.

That's why we support Gill and sfp for change.

Anonymous said...

Darjacuqes is a partilepep stooge like RAm,we could ask why Mr DesaiBin recruit such stooge to represent him.for it should ahve been clear from the beginning that a partilepep stooge would only rob his money,ask him always for more while doing nothing.Note.also,there is no physical records that show Derjacuw^qes is a highly recommended lawyer,not many cases he had brillantly defend and with positive outcome to the palintiff.Adrjecques partice law for under partilepep it is a lucrative way to get rich speedy,and that by working hand in hand with the system.It is the travesty of and justice.He is the same breed as LUCAS -our expert in money Laundering caught redhanded by Al AjZEERA but still not investigated,prosecuted and punished ,instead he is roaming around town and still holding his license to exercise or pratice law.

Anonymous said...

derzaki kaple dan fes sa nwanr fail son legzanmen plizyer fwa prezan i pe vol seselwa.

Dezoben krenm son liki menm.

Anonymous said...

For some reason, this case reminds me of the one that keeps getting a mention every 3 weeks just to delay an injunction to stop building. The delaying tactics is to allow the opening of SPPF museum on land that was illegally acquired by the SPPF Government ! . This land was illegally acquired from a family that was seriously victimised during the one party state era. The SPPF Government decided to transfer this land from Government to their party . This land should be returned to its rightful owner as clearly prescribed by the current constitution of Seychelles. This is another case for the human rights promoters to take note of.

Anonymous said...

Lawyer Derjaques should be temporarily disbarred pending an investigation.

If the CJ did not do this then this goes to show the mindset of those stooges as they influence the judiciary through foreign judges intimidation.

MR. Desaubin should file an international case of violation in his right to secondary right of equal protection under a law being breached and disrespected.

At the turn out of this the CJ should have ordered an inquiry into the case in office and also cross examined mr desaubin's plaint with his proof; the same should have been done for Lawyer Derjaques.

In transparency the case should have been addressed and a verdict should have been pronounced.

Desaubin must equally write to the law offices of australia in regards to miss jessica kerr to report her conduct as she is not mandated to practice or consult in seychelles by local laws but that of her origin country. Australia has a human rights department that is very effective and whether one of its citizen goes out of line when or where they are very effective and result full.


Anonymous said...

derzak i en toutoun in al dan fes misel pou tir li dan sa enn.

Levidans i kler la. Malere ki rumka apre ki derzak ti al vot dan parlman pou dizourd kont son parti zot de jane carpen, i ankor pe kouyonn seselwa.

I annan sa bann malere kin perdi zot later ek lakaz akoz derzak ki merit apros dezoben e fer zot case devan lakour drwa imen ouswa form en tim e pet son liki an flanm.

Anonymous said...

avoka en ta zot zot voler bazil in ganny beze ek larzan later prezan i ek misel pou sov son trou fes ki lezot pou fer ou kwar.

Dezobin ti konnen ki i pe antre ladan letan in al dan fes snp. Pran responsabilite ou aksyon imsye!

Anonymous said...

Pran responsabilite bous liki ou manman don.

Monn dir dezo annan fann liki derzak. Bonm you want bonm you get.

Ou osi fer sir imsye responsibilite kote ou kaka kouver.

Anonymous said...

zanpol kin bez derzak pou son dalon dezobin zanmen ti pou konnen ki liki i ladan si sa pilon pa ti enterfer li ladan.

De zonm alber sa de ou pa war zot mars dan loto rouz.

Anonymous said...

loto rouz mark waro ki vann pilon sanmenm sa dezoben i ladan.

Si bannla i ek albert akoz zis snp ek ralf ki al dan fes laba?

Demann ralf ki manyer aviva i fer li antre kot chief zot de ti koson grafye wavel.

Anonymous said...

derzak i bour son sekreter lizye tord gran ledan.

i ti pe kaple dan fes ek ti tom sanmenm sa i fer son kes pou nanryen.

Anonymous said...

Jessica Kerr is not an Australian. In any event she was writing on behalf of the CJ. Nothing to do with practising law in Seychelles.

Anonymous said...

The judge who allowed the postponements is the real culprit. He should be disciplined and ordered to pay.

Anonymous said...

The judge has nothing to do with the postponement but rather being a facilitator he gave lee way for both lawyer prosecutor and defendant to present their case.

Yes i agree that a judge has the power to pass a verdict in abstentia but in this case their were excuses for the justice to postponed.

The chief justice on the other hand and miss kerr should have been more flawless in their investigations and cross reference the judges consent to mention or adjourn sine dei.

The system will have to make a decision on derjaques to protect its credibility now that his has been exposed.

Anonymous said...

Lawyer Derjaques must be repremended for tempering with a clients case and negligent duty.

Failure by the courts of seychelles in doing so must result in a human rights violation case.

If there were any solid evidence that derjaques was not thieving mr. desaubin then why did he agree to pay back or refund 50% of the money he was pocketing?

Why did it take him this long from the date in the case above to give the money back? Did he forgot to do so or was he stealing the money?

Anonymous said...

He was stealing! Derjaques is a fucking crook.

It is not the first time he dose this to someone only this time he has met his match.

Anonymous said...

I am doing an article on the bar association of seychelles in regards to its chairman and their silence on malpractice when their chairman had to be reported to cuff up a clients money.

I have and will be forwarding this to every firm lawyers and association of laws and universities to expose the association for silence on their chairman's wrong doings.

Anonymous said...

zot sanse dezo pann kas liki en zonm albert sa manrmay dan leo sa.

Anonymous said...

Tata in tonbe depi ler in zwenn jpi. I pli trankil ki avan.

Anonymous said...

Mon riye ler mon lir sa liki ki derzak in dir. Si tata tin fer per derzak kwar mwan ni sef ziz pa ti pou bezwen al fer resers zis i ti pou war en pti fos seve ek en pti bout latwal nwanr dan peron lakour ek en pilon sal dan en vit loto lot kote.

Desaubin pa en boug pou fuck avek sa.

Anonymous said...

alo lepok dezoben in fini. Lekel ki ou kwar pou per sa grannwanr konmela?

Anonymous said...

Ewla latet pyos eski ou konnen ki albert in fer dan sa pei ou?

Be zis mazinen ki tata in fer pou li pou sa pei e wa dir mwan si sa en tonton pou ou al rod liki avek.

Anonymous said...

derzak i fer snp onte i merit distans son lekor ek parti akoz i pe sali repitasyon bann ki pe travay pou tou seselwa.

Anonymous said...

zero fli zero flanm derzak i dan bannan mion.

Lekel kinn met li la?

Ton Dezo.

Anonymous said...

Pl lawyers on bar association organize to hav e derzak resign from chairman post.

Derzak eliminited from snp frnt row and ramkalawan ask him to lay low for the moment.

derzak has cost snp a lot of loss just by stealing dezobins money and playing tricks in his court case for sizo and taking sizo's money.

Anonymous said...

derzak is bi sexual that is why he helped sizo because he is in love with the man.

His wife tells friends about his inability to perform in bed and him asking her to let him butt fuck her.

derzak only fucks his sekretary in the ass hole during offfice hours and pays her a lot for it.

Breyen zili is talking about this to his frends.

Anonymous said...

state house is discussing derjaques faith as a lawyer or as an ally!

Bastienne lise is against and others wants to give hi a spot as they did for david and jane after all he did cross the floor om the same time though he claims he was drunk!

Anonymous said...

dezo la liki sa pilon i fannen

Anonymous said...

"The judge has nothing to do with the postponement but rather being a facilitator he gave lee way for both lawyer prosecutor and defendant to present their case."

Whoever made this comment is totally ignorant of a judge's duty. He/she is NOT a facilitator but a person in control of expediting cases. Judges in civilised countries do not bow down to lawyers wishes and requests.

Anonymous said...

so who fucked up here dodin, derjaques or jessica the consultant?

Anonymous said...

Breaking news,CJ is leaving Seychelles in July this year.Seychelles Sa ton ton.A lot has come n gone.
Bernadin Renaud is tipped to become CJ after sending all his daughters to Australia permanently.

Anonymous said...

Breaking News Derjaques goes to Parti Lepep side and send ramkalawan packing!

after learning that the bar association is asking questions on Derjaques capability to run as chairman PL ousted in on their horse and picked Mr D and sheltered him from a high up request from a man with all his money alongside derjaques in switzerland.

Read more next week....

Anonymous said...

"Breaking news,CJ is leaving Seychelles in July this year.Seychelles Sa ton ton.A lot has come n gone.
Bernadin Renaud is tipped to become CJ after sending all his daughters to Australia permanently".

Thank the Lord it is not Govinden!!

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