Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Seychelles Politicians Lacks Public Integrity & Respect As Crimes And Pornography Goes Viral!!!

The Seychelles Ideology Of Perfect Paradise Undressed

At the very first glance of the Seychelles pictures and scenery any foreigners or locals coming home would have the idea that they are going or coming to paradise. That Ideology is one false design that is now taking its toll on a once peaceful and respected nation.

The Foreign Invasion Cultures

Amongst every country one name that used to never come up in discussion over moral and social integrity was Seychelles. Seychelles now is not only a hub or home to rich Arabs but a hiding place for those perceived to have robbed their nations of their wealth and dignity. Politicians in Seychelles are some of the highest paid entities with major and different stakes in businesses or ventures.

Seychelles Regarded as a tax haven for off shores, one would have thought that lawyers would be one profession that would make money so much as to out shadow the politician. well those whom thought so is wrong. Seychelles is a place where it is more lucrative to be a lawyer but be a politician as well.

Politics in other words pays better than Legal careers or religion!

Islands sold to Arabs are now being asked to undergo total seclusion from the locals or unwelcome visitors as to protect what goes on in the riches overtime and spare-time. The former plantation club owner tells many stories of such activities. Lately these stories have led to as far as Human trafficking.

So what toll has these actions sanctioned and condoned by politicians had on the Seychellois people?

Well the people truly made it "Sesel Pou Seselwa".

Religions Factor & Their Silence

The top religious beliefs in Seychelles are either dormant or absent from the scene when it comes to moral values and public integrity. If religious Institutions has lost hope what about the organisations?

Religious belief of catholic was shamed when on a religious date the carnival held in Seychelles clashed with one highly respected date on their calendar and the tourism minister chose to go ahead with Brazilian girls parading in their underwear's half naked through town. the churches feedback came a few days after it all went down. Muslims have been criticised to paying off financial assistance to the locals for one to convert to Islam. Many Seychellois have come fort on this matter.

It is equally believed that in order for religious entities to retain their spot in with politicians they tend to not overstep the limitations they are given. One begs to ask whom these guys serve; God Or Politicians?

The Crime Rates In Seychelles

Just a couple of months after Seychelles tourism industry was hit by the plague of drug addicts thieving tourist and ransacking the local communities, the Seychelles saw a graduation whereby shark frenzy went on to the death of two foreigners on holiday. Despite every mass publicity to cover the bad news, Seychelles then graduated to in house guest mysterious deaths. A few well known hotel is now subject of finding guests death in their rooms. If its not the sea it is something else.

Today what has become most terrifying is shopping in the local Indian stores when there is a dispute between the vendor and the client. Local quarrels of Indians go home or i will send you home has graduated to bottle throwing and machete fights whether there are other clients in the shop.

Some local politicians are asking for a legalisation of the drug known as cannabis to a solution against another drug locally tempered with to maximise profit in sale. Some of those drugs are alleged to be causes of some mysterious deaths in Seychelles.

Indecency Protected By Local Laws

In Seychelles one does not need to have a license to make a video or indulge in indecent exposure as the very laws that protects immoral conduct is bypassed by the misuse of the computers act.

Top entities be it from politicians right up to the very people task to uphold public integrity. To wonder why these people are called public figures. Seychelles is a country where it has undergone presidential change in less than a year. The two public figure top individuals both divorced and re - marry conducted or possibility. from the very house that governs.

A former MNA and doctor after his porn activities were exposed was never challenged to his actions but simply resigned and went back to being a doctor, sons and daughters of top officials simply placed their heads high and went on through the community as if they had created a new fashion line for others to exemplar from. Politicians chose to speak of bullying rather than moral values.

Lately the brother of a top minister has a video of him circulate the streets making indecent acts with a vegetable wearing a condom. That's paradise to you. "Fille ens Eguille", as the french would say.

Blame Facebook

Facebook  a faster means and a better way to socialise where no alcohol contributions or transportation is needed is viral locally, equally it is one of the means that many youths draws it daily conclusions of the reality of life and truth from. The misuse of computers act fails to address the importance of such.

Seychellois idea of socialising involves displacement to and from and very very often usage of alcohol. born from many of these social gatherings many accidents have claimed lives and even cause incapacitate to others. So is social media an enemy of the people?

Well everything can be used for a yin or a yang but everything derives from the very persons in the public domain to act with moral integrity. Is it okay to film dirty movies of ones self and store it on a device that can easily be manipulated or stolen? Is it normal for human being to want to film such activities?

Where and who gave these entities their moral education and integrity as a human being? does it not start at home? Why should laws be amended to protect or defend such gross and indecent acts?

What is Seychelles society doing to educate the very people that does these actions and records them?

Paradise Lost

Morally, Socially and a reality Paradise is just another figment of our elders imagination at the moment if nothing is done about it.

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