Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Twenty six Workers To Find themselves Having A Blue Christmas Over Dispute Between The Vijay Company and Havana Club.

The Debacle

The Dispute comes after a case before the rent board is still ongoing on Back payment of rent.

According to a very reliable source the Havana Club Owned by one Gerard Patti a Naturalized Seychellois had issues regarding the Rentals cost to conduct business on the Eden Island premises, Precisely the Eden Plaza which whereby his terms and conditions was open to negotiations.

News has it that upon failure to complete their Eden Island project and surrounded  by many controversy the South African Craig Heeger went to Seychelles government for help whom in turn used its authority the "Seychelles Pension fund" to loan out money to the South African to continue his project. What interest Government had in the affair is still a mystery till today.

The Project shortly saw a giant construction company in its midst  the Vijay construction whereby today that same company manages and allegedly owns the Eden Island Plaza. If someone takes a loan from the bank one cannot sell donate the assets until the loan is paid. In this sweet deal this did not apply as our pension fund money was used without any consent or proper reason.

The Vijay's also naturalized Seychellois family runs as a group from daughter to son and father etc... etc... etc...

Also surrounded in controversy after losing a court case to Savoy and allegedly sacked by an Arab prince owner of the raffles hotel and more.... they have a hand in almost anything lucrative.

In this dispute Vijay whom is leasing to MR. Patti locations at Eden Plaza Payable in USD has had enough of waiting for the authorities to pronounce on a back rent case. They went ahead and took the law into their own hand and restrict access to the locations. According to my source rates from 14,500 USD per month, 2,175 as VAT. Many other expenses over service charge,Store rent, Staff Room Rental, Corridor rental, Gazebo rent and others. all of these rent are payable in USD.

There is a 15% tax on every rental business in Seychelles in this case whether the fifteen percent for Vijay is paid in USD to the Seychelles authority (SRC) Seychelles Revenue Commission is up for debate. If the dollar today is at 14. then one must find money to pay 14. so is this the same case when executing payment to SRC by Vijay or by paying in Seychelles Rupees Vijay gains far more than the exchange rate? Does Vijay pay SRC by Rupees and should they. Now that is another question?

The Main Dispute

With a USD rent totaling around 20,000 USD Per month it is said that MR. Patti went to Negotiate with the Vijay Administrations to request a reduction in amount based on a realistic projection of  business performance. Patti was told to submit a proposal which he did. With an approved lease of 15 years and no objection from the Vijay administration at Eden Plaza, a monthly rent less than the above was accepted by the administration without a single peep. Later dispute arose demanding for back dated rent from Vijay at the Seychelles rent board.
At Present that case is still ongoing and there has not been any order or conclusion given to either parties.

The Military Maneuver By Vijay Administration of Eden Plaza

With no notice nor warning Vijay Administration by the use of its Indian workers chose to restric access to Havana club to MR. Gerard Patti's Worker by boarding the access point using wooden Planks dated that the 14th October 2017.

Meanwhile the rent board case is still ongoing.

On the 22th October 2017 another action this time using cement into the door locks to prevent access.

Case before the rent board still ongoing.

05th November 2017 removal of wooden Planks from the restaurants floor restricting access to customers and preventing any operations. The same time red taping the area with a bogus notice that floor Planks were in need of replacement.

In view that the Planks was a strait froward replacement issue the admin went further to barricade the access doors with a massive cement block and using their Indian workers, notice was place on the block visible to everyone be it tourists staff of other businesses and clients. One would depict that someone really was out to evict the client by any means necessary.

Meanwhile the rent board case is still ongoing.

Havana Clubs Reaction to The Maneuver

The management of Havana Club finding itself not being able to perform by the actions of Vijay Management of Eden Island have moved to have the court over urgency declare that an injunction is served on Vijay so that they can resume their duties while the rent board case is exhausted.

All 26 staff excluding those in management is now at home awaiting the removal of a cement block so that they can make money to feed their familys or have a little something for Christmas.


An in dept investigation is required into the fact that vijay collects USD and SRC collects Rupees From vijay. Maybe an audit over this issue would be a good solution.

The Newspaper Today in Seychelles which interviewed the parties has not yet published on the matter. Many others are also silent though 26 people are on the bench. Why?

This matter as it stands must be sent for mediation and if there are any other alternatives they must be quickly exhausted so that our brothers and sisters can earn a living.

If Vijay wishes to terminate the contract and anew one with Chinese and others visiting the very site they must come clean with Patti. This is now on the streets suggesting that seychellois is being made to suffer because naturalized seychellois has ego and ambitions for profits.

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Anonymous said...

It seems to me that pl members have shares in all those big companies like VIJAY etc the later always got government contracts and it seems that all projects are over budgeted so that politicians could get their bribes....
it is a shame